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Bronze Centrifugal Cast Die Design

Bronze Centrifugal casting die 

Die design is in house. Most noteworthy is material of die. Centrifugal die material is high quality. Centrifugal die must withstand temperature variations. As a result heat release from Centrifugal Die must be fast. Even more die wall thickness is important . Due to our skilled workforce has make us reach at par.

Bronze Centrifugal casting Machine

We developed centrifugal casting machines. Vertical and horizontal.Horizontal machine types. We have variable speed ,Friction type and Fixed. For different bronze casting length. Likewise vertical machine types. we have variable speed and fixed. For large diameter and short length.  Hence  Specialty is of curvilinear shapes.Very easy to operate.


Molten metal is poured to centrifugal die cavity. According to size of product “G “ force is applied. Maximum “G” force gives better cast quality. Directional solidification is also must. As this will ensure proper crystallization of particles. Over all centrifugal casting gives best quality product. It seems that according to item to be casted process is decided accordingly. It requires experience ,skills and perseverance to get good results.


We have exact results. Best quality bronze centrifugal casting . As talking of crucible capacity we produce 15 ton in a day. All facility is under one roof. Casting , machining , testing, inspection and packing. Team work and youth power has make us reach at our maximum potential.

Research and Development

With continuous  up gradation of technology for bronze centrifugal casting and machining we gathered experience ,skills and solutions to regular bronze centrifugal casting. In depth work is done on material ,process and machine. Every aspect of bronze centrifugal casting is visualized to get catch the problem and an expert team is assigned for each solution.


The brand “TIGER” reflects the quality we assure to our customers. According to different requirements we give best appropriate service which ensures satisfaction and trustworthiness. With help of different tests like dye penetrant (DP) test, radiography, ultrasonic testing, hydro testing etc. are done as per applications and requirements. Any query of customer is given proper attention to resolve it.

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