There are many ways for inspection but our firm uses the following procedure.

  • First of all raw material is checked with help of spectrometer.
  • Then during casting sample from molten metal is taken for spectrography.
  • As an when casting is done the items are visually checked for any defects.
  • When an item is machined it is checked for surface¬†defects, internal defects, and machining defects.
    Finally, the item is packed and proper packing is ensured.


Testing of the product is done in two ways one is non-destructive testing and destructive testing.

We perform mostly non-destructive testing like dye penetrant testing, ultrasonic testing, hydro testing etc. Testing is also done as per customer requirement and field of application of that product.

Testing is the most important part as it evaluates the property of the material. Hence it helps to analyze the quality of the product.


Control refers to the set of checkpoints for any problems. It provides particular measures for every problem so that it can be solved fast and efficiently. We follow ISO regulations for manufacturing hence it gives us a most appropriate solution.

In order to take control, a proper supervision is needed. In order to do so, an inspector is appointed to supervise the process and products. All data is regularly collected and analyzed for improvements and modifications.

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