In order to get consistency and accuracy, the process must be repeated to gain the same results every time. So every change in the process need to be recorded.

Every step of the process must be complete in a controlled manner so the result can be achieved easily.

For bronze centrifugal casting process temperature is a must. Each time pouring temperature and die temperature must be noted in order to get results. After accumulating all data it must be analyzed carefully to optimum time and temperature.

After getting results from data the repeatability of a process is must in order to get good results. Once repeatability is achieved then comes optimization of a process in order to get the best result.

The ways of optimization are different for different materials and machines. That must be discovered in order to get what is needed,

Overall its all about observation and control for development of process. Once the process is achieved everything is as require. It is very tedious process so one need  to have patient to get results. But once when work complete is hard , smart and consistent definite results will be gained. This is learn  by us for bronze centrifugal casting.